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Sharing the Good Life (Article from the Italian Chamber of Commerce)


In a glass half-full world, Chef Marcus Von Albrecht has been playing with his food for a lifetime.  By the age of four, he was running his own imaginary restaurant.

Kitchen skills are good life skills. However many decades later, his mother’s wisdom holds true—and brings plenty of smiling faces to the tasting table. An epicurean entrepreneur from earliest age, over the course of the intervening decades his palate and professionalism matured into something extraordinary—that works on a lot of levels.

Chef Von Albrecht would not have it any other way.

Working on a lot of levels is what has taken Chef Von Albrecht around the world many times and to the heart of food and drink in British Columbia.  As past-president and chair of the BC Chefs Association and Junior Chapter of the Canadian Culinary Federation, he has played an active role in developing talent, standards and excellence in equal measure.

Moreover, Chef Von Albrecht is a believer in giving back, and has committed his culinary energies to making a difference for numerous agencies including the Vancouver Crisis Centre, the Alzheimer Society, and BC Chapter of the Canadian Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer foundations. From the community-kitchens of Vancouver’s Eastside to the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro, and the dining rooms of dignitaries and celebrities alike, his commitment to good taste has made an impact—and for an interesting life that continues to evolve.

In recent years, the breadth of his table and depth of his cellar have grown considerably.  Driven by the ethos that good food should be affordable and accessible, Mava Foods was launched in 2007. The resulting “Eat Fresh. Eat Local. Eat Healthy.” line of frozen meals healthily lives up to that ethos, but is only one facet of Mava Foods. Ensuring that his Richmond-based production kitchen is always busy, he also provides hot, healthy lunches for young and old alike, for the Kids Eat and Meals on Wheels programs.

From the KidsEat “MAVAlicious” line to the retail presence to the private lines for White Spot and BC Ferries, all produce is from local farms, much organic and there are no added preservatives or MSG; in fact, five of the Mava Foods home meal replacements have become the first such products to receive Health Check approval.

Of course, a healthy appetite calls for liquid accompaniment of the highest order. Meet the spirited flip side of Mava Foods: Von Albrecht and Associates, the banner under which he imports a select and celebrated range of wines, prosecco, champagne and spirits.  Award-winning Italian reds and Jim Murray-praised single malt scotches feature prominently, as do a pair of Chef Von Albrecht’s own bottled creations: XFour Vodka and its chocolaty-sibling-sipper XFour-Xoxolat.

It’s a diverse portfolio of products and services, and in keeping with the indefatigable energies of Chef Von Albrecht, people are getting plenty of opportunity to have a sip; more spirited and caring Canadian culinary ambassador might not be found.

And while this is one chef you will not find in a restaurant, the next tasting event is never that far off.